Swimwear essentials: your guide to bikini trends 2024
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Swimwear essentials: your guide to bikini trends 2024

Swimwear essentials: your guide to bikini trends 2024

By Sibylle Nuessli

As we bikini lovers would say, summer and the 2024 bikini season are just around the corner. The 2024 bikini trends are dedicated to colors, high-leg bottoms, black pieces, minimalist design, or asymmetrical tops & bottoms. We have rounded up the 2024 swimsuit trends that have been making waves on runways worldwide.

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 1. Bikini trend 2024: the colors

Bright colors are one of the fashion trends for the summer 2024 - not only for swimwear. Let's all stand out green, red, or yellow or lilac. Also hot at the moment natural colors like browns, and neutrals - given the fact that the environment gets more and more important. 

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2. Bikini trend 2024: bikinis with lacing (criss-cross)

In so-called criss-cross bikinis, the straps of the top are tied once or twice around the waist. The look is super sexy and leaves plenty of room for individuality. A trend we've already seen coming up in 2023 (seen at Vogue). Wouldn't you agree though?

Girl in a black bikini top

our luan top in black puma or violet purple

3. Bikini trend 2024: micro bikinis

The micro bikini is here to stay in 2024 - YEESS. Fabrics of these will cover only the bare minimum. Less is more - this trend is just perfect for those who like to show more skin. We need to admit as per definition our bikinis are not "micro" - but still small. 

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Girl in a micro bikini

Girl wearing a micro bikini top

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 4. Bikini trend 2024: ruffled bikinis

The ruffled bikini will make a comeback in summer 2024. Both tops and bottoms will feature cute ruffles, whether minimal styles or more covering.

 5. Bikini trend 2024: minimalistic swimwear

Where there's a trend, there's often a backlash: minimalism is at the top of the 2024 swimwear trends, with fashionistas and influencers wearing simple bikinis and swimsuits again. Plain and simple is no longer considered boring. Like our best seller top Pablo in black puma or riad rosé

girl in a minimalistic orange bikini top

Girl in a bikini top from the back

 6. Bikini trend: neckholder bikini top

Neckholder tops are making a comeback or staying in trend for 2024 - halter necks are at the top of the list for bikinis and also swimsuits. How you wear them - normal or reverse - dress how you feel was the feeling on runway shows. 

Girl wearing a neckholder bikini

women in a bikini

Tia Jeannine is wearing our triangle top luan top in black puma or violet purple

 7. Bikini trend 2024: volants

Volants and ruffles were seen on every other designer's bikini tops and bottoms at Miami Swim Week. 

Seen Instyle.de

8. Bikini trend 2024: black swimwear

Black is back for summer 2024 and hotter than ever: triangle, sports top, high-waisted or Brazilian cheeky - this summer you can buy all variations in black. Wouldn't you agree - there must always be a black bikini in your wardrobe and it hasn't always been easy to find the perfect one.

Girls wearing black bikinis sitting on a chair

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9. Bikini trend 2024: creative prints and patterns

Boundaries will be broken in summer 2024 - it will be colorful, full of flowers, animal patterns or abstract designs - the creativity for brands and their patterns will be limitless. Colors in 2024 are more than just a piece of clothing, they're a reflection of our times and a piece of statement.


Major brands are as part of the bikini trends 2024 also increasingly focusing on recycled fabrics to combat fast fashion. High-leg cut, metallic colors, bandeau tops, unique fabrics, and high waists are all part of the trend.

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