Cheeky bikini bottoms: The benefits of less fabric
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Cheeky bikini bottoms: The benefits of less fabric

Cheeky bikini bottoms: The benefits of less fabric

By Sibylle Nuessli

Cheeky bikini, cheeky brazilian bikini bottoms - you've probably heard of it and, like so many others, you're wondering - is it for me? We want to show you the benefits of a cheeky bikini bottom and try to dispel some of the myths in this short article.

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Are cheeky bikini bottoms a pain or a gain?

It's probably the same for many people: It takes a lot of effort to try on such a tiny piece of clothing. Because it's engraved in our cerebellum that it doesn't fit everyone. We are super dazzled by all the pictures we see on social media of perfectly shaped bodies in sexy cheeky bikinis with very small bikini bottoms. But stop!!! We all know that's not the reality and we shouldn't let that stop us from wearing cheeky, sexy bikinis!

A cheeky bikini bottom is very flattering and really accentuates your assets and is a far cry from a so-called thong, which only covers your bottom with a thread - in other words, it doesn't cover it. There are different types of cheeky bikini bottoms and you should really choose the one that you feel comfortable in!

Left: Cheeky brazilian bikini bottom Pepe
Middle: High-leg bikini bottom Javi
Right: Medium coverage, high-leg bottom Joao

The advantages of cheeky bikini bottoms

1. Cheeky bikinis give the bump a perky look

Cheeky bikini bottoms are often slightly curved at the back or straight up at the back - in an opposite curve to the backside, making the bottom look round and cheeky. For those with more ample curves, it helps avoid the appearance of having a significant amount of swimsuit material and accentuates your body’s great shape and lift. For those with fewer curves, a cheeky bottom helps to give the appearance of a more full bottom.


2. No wedgie caused by excess fabric

Many bikini wearers have experienced the wedgie bikini bottom caused by excess fabric on a traditional coverage swimsuit bottom. This can be difficult to avoid and can make the bottom look saggy. With cheeky bikinis and less fabric, the problem of sag can be avoided!


3. Maximize your tan-lines

Yeah well there's not really much to add here, but for all the sun worshippers among us who just love to have a little tan even in winter. Cheeky bikinis clearly minimize the tan-lines. You don't even have to resort to a bandeau top, as thin straps often slip easily and therefore hardly leave any tan-lines on the shoulders.


Because we can!

Lots of love your two tías Carmen & Sibylle wearing the cheeky Pepe bottom!

This bikini bottom style is a win-win for adding shape to bottoms of all sizes. This comes back to whether or not you’ll feel truly comfortable and confident when wearing them. And it makes a statement. For those who understand. To gauge whether or not cheeky bottoms are a great fit for you, we recommend trying on a pair and seeing them on your body

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