Got any further questions? We're always happy to help. We speak English, German, Spanish and after a glas of rosé we can also help in all other languages;)

About the brand

Where are you located?
We are located in the beautiful cities of St. Gallen & Zürich in Switzerland. Also famous for its chocolate, cows, neutrality & Roger Federer. Read more

Why period pads?
It is for the girls and their physical health and mental strength. Another big part of why we want to provide anyone access to education is the future of our planet. We believe that education is the key to a better future not only for every individual but also for our world.

How can I support you even more?
How cool that you consider this. So you can support the girls and women around the globe that suffer from period poverty the best if you keep on talking about it with your besties, your family, friends, and colleagues at work. Too many young women are still harassed or missing out on their education daily. Together we can change it.

Why are you so cool?
Because in Switzerland we don't have a real summer, so we're used to cold temperatures.

How do I manage to preserve my tan lines? 
By wearing Tías & Olives, drinking enough rosé with good friends & eating olives - ps: the black ones;)

Sizing & stiles

Do the tops offer enough support without cups?
We took the decision to avoid underwires, cups and to produce teh tops with fabric only. Because of the high quality of our tops and the substantial fabric (Econyl) we use, they support well. We produce some of them with the possibility of re-using your cups (Pablo top & Juan top)

What is the right size for me?
Please see our size chart. If you are torn between two sizes, we recommend choosing the bigger one for the juan & pablo top and the paco bottom. The fabric will relax in the water with time, but due to its high quality, it will not get loose.

Please be aware that this is our first collection. If your not sure, or if you’d find any inconsistencies in our size chart we’d love to hear from you. Also ping us on Instagram

Will sold-out items be restocked?
If an item or your size is sold out, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be restocked. We provide email notifications for all items that we aim to produce further. As this is our first drop, we will probably decided on the fly.


What payment options do you offer?
You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Why didn't I yet get my refund (credit card payment)?
After following our return policy and we'll have your return with us, you will get your purchase amount refunded to the payment method you did choose for your order. Please be aware that it can take some time until we receive your parcel. If you paid with your credit card, we will refund the money back to it. It can take a while until the amount is seen on your billing.

Shipping & returns

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, of course. We want to provide anyone around the globe access. If you live on Turks and Caicos or Hawai let us know, we might deliver it personally;).

What are the shipping costs to my country and how long will the delivery take?
All detailed information abouth shipping & returns can be found here

Shipping Costs Switzerland
Shipping is free for all orders in Switzerland. Delivered time is 2-5 working days.
Please note that orders with a value of less than 180 CHF will be sent by post and therefore without a tracking number. 

Shipping Costs Germany
Shipping costs are 7.00 CHF and delivered time is 6-8 working days.
Shipping is free for orders above 300 CHF.

Shipping Costs Rest of Europe
Shipping costs are 13.00 CHF and delivered time is 6-8 working days.
Shipping is free for orders above 300 CHF.

Shipping Costs Rest of World
Shipping costs are 25.00 CHF and delivered time is 6-8 working days.
Shipping is free for orders above 300 CHF.

No additional charges apply to the US, this is super great.

How can I return my order?
We are only accepting returns, if we were contacted with this form! If we were not contacted by this form, we can't provide you cash back. Only a credit.

Who covers the return costs?
We're thrilled that you decided you want to try one of our bikinis at home. As a small label, we only have a limited amount of stock and returns come with costs & effort for us. Therefore we unfortunately can't cover fo them.

Can I exchange my order?
As a small brand, we unfortuntely can't handle exchnges. Merchandise may be returned for a refund to the original form of payment according to our return plice. You can then place a new order.

What if my order is incorrect?
Of course we help you out. Please contact us immeditely so we can solve the issue. Please make sure to attach pictures.


How fast do the bikinis dry?
Because of our double-layered fabric, which provides good support, but ^ it takes them a little longer to dry, although they are made from a fast-drying material.

How do I care for my bikini?
Our goal is to create a long-lasting bikini that stays stunning for many years to come. If possible, hand-wash your bikinis. After salt or chlorine water, rinse it with clear water to preserve the colors and elasticity. Avoid any chemicals. Use environmentally friendly soaps to avoid microplastic. Avoid direct sunlight for drying to keep the colors as strong as possible.


What makes Tías & Olives sustainable?
We want to point out that we consider ourselves a conscious brand, not a sustainable one. It takes more than just using recycled materials & boxes to be sustainable. There are way too many processes and items we can, should, and will improve before we dare to call ourselves a sustainable brand. A little more on transparency here.

Where do you produce your bikinis?
We were lucky and found through our friend Tina from Matiabeachwear, a small, family-owned factory in the north of Portugal, where women from the region sew the bikinis by hand. To clarify, every piece of swimwear in the market is hand-made, and not only ours. As I (Sibylle) have a special connection & appreciation for Portugal, it was always my only choice.

What fabrics do you use?
We use Econyl from Italy, a recycled fabric made of nylon waste, otherwise polluting the earth, which is transformed into regenerated nylon. It’s the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated, and reused again and again.