More than just a sustainable swimwear brand

Sibylle and Carmen, founders of Swiss bikini brand Tias & Olives

We firmly believe it takes more to feel good than just wearing a recycled bikini. A clear conscience requests actions: We are at the forefront of a mission to educate and empower girls around the globe.

Our goal is to create seasonless swimwear, an authentic, loud, strong, colorful and conscious brand. Eco swimwear designed to make you look darn good. And we want to see all magical tías wear it.

Xoxo Carmen & Sibylle

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We are committed to make sustainable, endurable choices and minimizing our environmental impact. Even if we are not 100% there yet, we are on our way & thats a promise.

By taking risks, and pushing decisions, we are stepping out of our comfort zones. We always aim for more - empowerment, fairness, sustainability, and attention. People before profit. 

We’re not perfect - not as humans, neither as a brand. But do we want to be? Hell no. We strive to be the best, versions of ourselves. We accept that ideal has many characteristics, and so does imperfection. 

This is us

Our designs are made in Switzerland with longevity, with the intention to make every women feel confident to show off when chasing tan lines.

Ethical production & recycled fabrics

We support ethical manufacturing and work closely with a small femal-run factory in the north of Portugal. We visit them regularly to ensure that the health and safety of the workers is treated with the utmost respect.

We use the highest quality of recycled fabrics to ensure that each piece stays beautiful for years to come. We sew Italian fabric made of ECONYL®. This 100% regenerated nylon is made from waste like industrial plastic. Instead of polluting our ocean, we and many other great brands out there use them to create swimwear.

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Bikinis from Switzerland

In Spain we don't say something important happened. We say "Tía, tía, tíaaaa" and we think it's beautiful.

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There’s no way to live without clothing, but we can make those we choose to invest in count

We aim to encourage reflection about our actions and the choices we make. By being conscious and passionate with our brand, we encourage you be so too.

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Thank you & gracias

Nathalie for your fucking great design & your crazy ideas
Maike for your passion & your heart in realizing our campaign
Tina & Matia Beachwear for supporting us since the beginning
Fäbi & Rafael - friends, and the attorneys we trust
Our models Naomi, Di, Debby & Michele, for bringing our brand to life & for being a true inspiration for all the girls
Christina for the fairy make up
Mónica, Donna Anna & Elena for producing Fierce 2022
Family, friends & boyfriends for your patience & your interest in bikinis ;)