Price transparency

In the fashion industry, unclear prices, silence about production and supply chains are still widespread. The term sustainability is also often equated with the use of recycled fabrics. However, that doesn't make a brand ethical by any means. The key to fair fashion is communication and awareness of prices.

We can make an impact together, but only if you have full transparency about what you pay. Therefore, we want to disclose our price structure and explain how our final price gets calculated: The final price consists of product costs and operating costs. Product costs can be broken down into material, production, logistics, custom and payment fees. The operating costs cover taxes, marketing, discounts and so on.

Price calculation

We deliberately don't display profit and salaries. We don't pay ourselves wages and must invest in production yearly. Also, a retail margin does not exist. We have fewer costs but no profit if we work with a store. If there were a margin, the retail price of the bikini would be over 300.-.

We know that the price is essential and 150 CHF is an investment. However, it's meaningful to understand the value of an ethically produced piece of garment. An ehical product and a sustainable production in Europe have it's price. Our production costs therefore already exceed the final prices of fast fashion brands.

xoxo Sibylle & Carmen

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