Serious impact: Facilitating education

Education is, if not, the strongest way to a better future for us and our planet. Therefore we provide girls in South Africa with access to constant education and protect them against discrimination. Without the donation of sanitary products, they miss one week of school every months due to their menstruation.

Together we empower: You buy Tías & Olives, we donate 3 reusable period pads.

Period poverty

Everyday women and girls round the world miss out on their education due to their menstruation.

They put their health in danger by using wasted paper or leaves for sanitary reasons, as period products can't be afforded. 

They get discriminated against, as there’s no education and knowledge about menstruation per se in these regions.

Meet Subz

Subz was founded in 2010 by Sue Barnes in South Africa after realizing that her daughter's friends couldn't afford hygienic products and were missing school for a week every month. 

Over 100 000 reusable pads have been donated to girls. They are eco-friendly, contain no chemicals or gels, and are washable as well as reusable. The production factory also employs these women and further supports them. Subz aims for a long-term sustainable solution: The pads come with an education program about menstruation and a women's body that cultivates them.

Meet Sue & her team

Together, we can change the world for the better: Us by using our brand & you by choosing products you buy wisely.

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