Responsibility and transparency are fundamental to us when we look at sustainabilty. That's why we take critical looks at it. We set the bar very high, as our ambition is to constantly improve our business towards the environment and our impact on the life of others. We are a small brand with big ambitions.


We produce in a small, family-owned factory in the north of Portugal that employs women from the community, under fair working conditions. All our materials are sourced in Europe. 

Overproduction and fast fashion are the enemies. We produce an amount that we are positive that we will be able to sell. We are negotiating every season again with our suppliers to keep the stock low. 

Sustainable fabric

Our entire bikini collection is made from ECONYL® - a regenerated nylon fibre made from recycled synthetic materials. The impact of using this recycled fabric is lower compared to other nylons - over 80%. After being mixed with elastane, this fabric is the perfect choice for high quality. It’s a strong fabric that dries fast.

This material would enable a fiber-to-fiber production that allows the yarn to be recycled again and again, but we haven't yet found a factory to support this. We would also like use fabric leftovers. But with the current economic situations, there are nearly no leftovers in the market. 

Sustainable bikini top & bottom in black

Price transparency

People over profit. We strongly believe in transparency so that you, the consumer, can take a decision based on facts whether to buy Tías & Olives or not. Get the full price transparency here

How is the price calculated

Packaging & transport

For our shipment from Portugal to Switzerland, we use the company our factory trusts. Being aware of our spendings, we didn't yet take any further actions. We are going to look into this with the goal of compensating our C02 footprint

Packaging bikinis
We ship our bikinis in cardboard boxes made of recycled material. We aim to follow the principle of a circular economy. Be aware, as you might receive a box that has already been traveled around the world.

Hygienic stickers
Fully made of recycled materials. 

Cotton Bags
The cotton bags are made from 100% organic cotton. We print the cotton bags ourselves. Next to being a perfect little bag to store your bikini, it can also be used to bring your belongings to the beach.

There are still materials (cards) and the packaging from our manufacturer, which are not recycled. Our goal is to replace them. We are on our way.

sustainable bikinis made from recycled ocean plastic

Social impact

One can always do more. We are active in fighting against period poverty by donating 4% of every bikini sold to Subz - an NGO in South Africa that enables young girls to attend school despite their menstruation. But this isn't enough. We must take more actions to contribute to development and projects close to our hearts. 

Brand vision

As a small label, unfortunately, we can't have yet have the impact we strive for. But everything starts somewhere: We're proud of our vision and actions. Donating 4% of our revenue and providing girls with access to education can be recognized.

March 2023

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