Bikini bottom: which bottoms are most flattering
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Bikini bottom: which bottoms are most flattering

Bikini bottom: which bottoms are most flattering

By Sibylle Nuessli

How to chose a flattering bikini bottom if you want your butt to look round and full? Often, desire and reality diverge, as we tend to focus more on the top while neglecting the bikini bottom during shopping. Yet, the bikini bottom is crucial in how our butt appears on the beach. To ensure your behind doesn't resemble a flat pancake, we present to you the perfect bikini bottoms. We'll guide you on what to avoid with different cuts.

Firstly, let's address what matters to both of us: it's a misconception that more fabric equals more coverage. Trying to conceal your behind with an enormous panty only makes it look more voluminous.

Less is more when it comes to bikini bottoms

Here's the key points:

  • A straight cut at the back makes your behind appear rounder
  • Too much fabric makes your butt look wider
  • A high-leg cut creates the illusion of longer legs.
  • Wear bikini bottoms not too low on the hips but pull them higher - it elongates the silhouette.
  • Opt for horizontal stripes or colorful patterns if you want to widen your butt
  • A black bikini bottom is the least conspicuous.
  • A high leg cut or side laces elongate the legs.
  • Opt for high-cut bikini bottoms but only if the bottom is high-cut or has a smaller shape 

Brazilian bikini bottom 

The Brazilian bikini bottom is our absolute favorite. It's cheekyer than the normal style but has more fabric than a string. The cut ensures that the behind looks visually larger and gets a beautiful, firm shape. Believe us - if a bikini bottom has too much fabric, it sags when wet. The Brazilian bikini bottom, combined with a high leg cut, makes the behind firmer and elongates the legs. Give it a cheeky try - with a bit of courage.

Milena is wearing our cheeky Brazilian Bottom Pepe in different colours.

Due to the narrow sides, our Pepe bottom can be worn high-rise too. Julie wears the Pepe bottom in riad rosé 

High-leg bikini bottom

Bikini bottoms with a high leg cut are perfect, as they shape a firm butt and make the legs look longer. A truly natural effect. Want your behind to look even rounder? Then go for models with volants or ruching at the top edge. Conversely, with black bikini bottoms, you always conceal. Another tip: always pull your bikini bottom a bit higher; this usually works with all shapes of bikini bottoms (if the sidebands are small).

The Joao bottom (left) is high-leg, also our cheeky Pepe bottom on the right can be pulled higher for the high-leg look

On the left wearing our high-leg Joao bottom, and right the high-leg Javi bottom.

Our Joao bottom, ensures good coverage in front despite the high-leg cut.

For a maximum shape effect, always opt for a slightly cheekier high-leg bottom. It not only enlarges your silhouette but also naturally lifts your but.

High waist bikini bottom

Yes, who doesn't know them, the shape of high waist bikini bottoms that magically make our belly disappear? We love them, too, and will include them in our collection hopefully soon. The high waist bottom cut is perfect if you want to cheat your behind and hips to appear narrower. Depending on the shape and material, it can provide a lift to a small or flat bum. But opt for high-waist bikini bottoms with narrow side bands and a high leg cut. Avoid high waist bottoms without a high leg cut. Again, less is more! If the high waist bikini bottom has full coverage at the back, it can look extremely bulky when wet and dry.

High-waist bikini bottoms by Abysseofficial 

Another high-waist bikini bottom with a perfect back-shape to make your butt look rounder by Matiabeachwear

The classic brief bikini bottom

The "classic brief bikini bottom," as we knew it, can quickly look bulky and disrupt the curves as it comes with full coverage on front and at the back. Your body appears compressed and smaller. Avoid bikini bottoms with side laces, horizontal stripes, or a wide sideband. All of these add bulk. In general, we advise against wearing bikini bottoms that aren't snug around the behind or aren't high-cut. Don't be deceived by the catalog models wearing this cut ;).

The classic brief by MyMarini

String bikini bottom

Yes, as the name suggests, these bikini bottoms are super cheeky like a tanga and cover very little. The sidebands are very thin and string bikini bottoms are you don't want tan lines. The key with thong or string bikinis: you have to dare to wear them ;) And then you rock them.

String bikini bottom by Arkswimwear

Less is more when it comes to bikini bottoms

Remember always to pull up the bikini bottom a bit. Choose a bikini bottom, whether black or patterned, that fits snugly. Otherwise, what you like is allowed.

See here all our bikini bottom styles, happy bikini bottom shopping.

Carmen & Sibylle


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