Micro bikini: introducing the mini bikini
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Micro bikini: introducing the mini bikini

Micro bikini: introducing the mini bikini

By Sibylle Nuessli

You can wear this," we often tell people. And exclude ourselves. The micro bikini or mini bikini sets an example. This season, we're not only seeing them all over Insta feeds, but often in stores where we've only ever seen high-waisted bikinis.

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What is a micro bikini?

But what is a mini bikini or a micro bikini? Imagine the smallest amount of material a bikini can have - just enough to cover the essentials. As they say, less is more.

A micro bikini is more than just a fashion trend - and that's why we love it so much. Wearing a mini bikini is a body positivity statement. Wearing it shows body confidence and pride!

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The benefits of mini bikinis

Whether you want to hear it or not - because you don't like showing your butt - yes, micro bikinis really do make your butt look better! Yes, the mini bikini really looks great on everyone! What's more: The high-leg cut makes your legs look longer. Trust me, it really does! The beautiful apple shape of the bottom is true as well with tiny bikinis

If you like you're a sun-chaser and love getting tanned micro bikinis are your first choice. Say hi to a beautiful olive tan and goodbye to nasty tan-lines on the shoulders and chest. And yes, where there is less fabric, there is less to slide around ;).

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My hips are too wide for a micro

Forgive me for saying this, but let's not worry about cellulite or too much or too little butt. And the excuse "My hips are much too wide for that - or do you know the perimeter of a wide hip? That one doesn't count!

Micro bikinis, also known as mini bikinis, tiny bikinis or thongs, have taken over. And not just at hipster places, where these perfect round butts are the result of way to overpriced trainings with a personal trainers, but everywhere today. Celebrating #bodypositivity

Xoxo Sibylle

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