Black Bikini Bottoms: Finding the perfect shape
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Black bikini bottom: 5 tips for finding the perfect shape

Black bikini bottom: 5 tips for finding the perfect shape

By Sibylle Nuessli

Black bikinis and black bikini bottoms have always been in and out of fashion because they are truly timeless. We often prioritize the black bikini top over the bottom. We want to change this: Here are our 5 tips for choosing the perfect bikini bottoms:

  • High-leg line
  • Go for the Cheeky bottom
  • Double-layered fabric for shape effect
  • Seamless stitching don't cut into hips
  • Choose a V or U cut

1. High-leg line

Choose black bikini bottoms with a high leg cut and narrow sides. This will make your legs look longer. Always pull your bikini bottoms up higher, this also works with regular cut bottoms if the sides are not too small.

2. Go for the cheeky bottom

We now know that less fabric in the back makes your bottom look rounder. Opt for high-cut back parts if not comfortable with Brazilian style. Avoid side lacing for a slimmer look in the butt and hips.

Left: Full coverage bottom with high cut, right cheeky Brazilian bottom.

3. Fabric: double layer for shape effect

The quality of the black fabric (same inside and outside) is crucial so a bikini won't stretch, lasts for seasons to come. It also has a natural shaping effect: The black bikini bottom has to fit like a second skin in the dry, so the fabric compresses and tightens.

Note: Unlike general fabrics, thickness doesn't affect drying time for swimwear. However, if the inner lining differs from the outer fabric, it may take longer to dry.

4. Seamless - does not cut into your hips

The seam of the black bikini bottoms makes a difference: it is important that it fits tightly, but it must not cut in. Look for bikinis with seamless seams that don't cut into the sides of your hips or bottom.

Choose a V or U cut

If you're not sure which black bikini bottoms are right for you, opt for bottoms that don't have a straight line down the front (unless you're looking for a high waist). V or U cuts can be worn at the hips or higher. If you wear them higher, they won't lose their shape in the front.

Left: U shape and on the right the V shape

It's the same black Pepe bottom, but with a slightly U-Shape. 

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